Based on my experience of Haj 2008


If you are going by private group the last day for application is somewhere around the 20th of Ramazan.

Compare the different Haj groups and most importantly find out their reputation from people who have gone for Haj with them before. Go through their offerings and itinerary to the minutest detail.

You only need 2 copies of your CNIC and about 10 passport size photographs with blue background. Separate passport used to be issued exclusively for Haj. From 2009 you will need a regular machine readable passport.


Prepare for by learning a few basic Dua for each Rukan and Talbiyah.

Walk for about 6 kms each day for atleast 15 days before proceeding.

Take about 5 sets of comfortable clothes for a trip of 20days. Men should consider taking track suit lower/bottoms (cotton) or comfortable baggy cotton pants and full sleeve T-shirts.

Men should take 2 towel type Ahraams. Small blocks of towel and plain material (Not full towel).

Take atleast 2 comfortable Hawai chappals.

Take strap-on heal pads if available otherwise look for them at Makkah. They will be very useful for performing Tawaaf. Otherwise you will get really soar heals from getting hit from behind.

Take unscented petroleum jelly for applying to your feet.

Take unscented soap.

Take 1 umbrella.

Take a reasonable sized lightweight backpack for carrying necessary items(Sleeping bag, extra Ahraam if necessary, extra chappal, water bottle, chocolates, some fruit) to Arafat and Muzdalifah. Wheelers or hand carry bags are not recommended.

Visit Haji camp for some necessary shopping for the following:

  1. Sleeping bag for Muzdalifah.
  2. Small bag(cloth) for slippers/chappals.
  3. Small bag(cloth) for pebbles for stoning of Jamaraat.
  4. Water bottle/thermos.


Take your medicines including any Anti-Biotics, Anti-Allergy, pain killers, Vitamins, etc. to Haji camp in order to have them properly sealed. Otherwise you will not be allowed to carry them.

Get vaccinated for Meningitis and Polio at Haji camp. A yellow card will be issued to you which should be kept with your passport.

Flu vaccine is also recommended well before leaving for your journey.

Take only 1 medium sized suitcase and 1 wheeler. Keep backpack inside for now.


Sabar is the key word from here on.

If you are going to Makkah first, on the day of your journey bathe, do wadoo and wear your Ahraam and offer 2 raqaat nafal for your journey. Niyaat will be done in the airplane just before reaching Mikaat, which will be announced.

Offer Talbiyah as much as you can till you reach the Haram.

Once you reach Jeddah airport, you will be taken to an arrival hall of the Haj terminal. Polio drops will be given to you.

Barcode stickers will be applied to your passport and your yellow vaccination card will be checked.

Now you will be taken to the Passport control/Immigration counter.

After that you will pick up your luggage and go through customs scanners.

Then you will go to another counter for passport checking.

After that you will go to another counter for applying Maktab related stickers to your passport.

Then you will put your luggage into large trolleys according to your country.


Now you will go to the Pakistan open hall, where you will wait for your Maktab wise buses arranged by your Muallam.

Maktab wise buses will be announced and then you will board the buses, make sure your luggage is placed on the same bus as you are going to board. Your passports will be handed over to the Muallam’s representative/Bus driver at this point.

After arrival at Makkah you will be taken to the Muallam’s office, where you will receive identity bands and tags. Your passports will be handed over to the Muallam and now the bus will take you to your destination/hotel.

It is recommended to rest for awhile and eat something and then go for your Umraah (Tawaaf and Sayee both).



Always keep a meeting point / time at the Haram to easily locate your partner.

Carry your chappals in the cloth bag while at the Haram. You can keep them between your legs while offering Namaaz/Salaat. You can carry them in your hand or tie the bag to your belt while doing Tawaaf.

Always be courteous to others and keep all manners of a mosque in mind while at the Haram. Don’t follow bad examples at the Haram. Do not cross in front of others while they are offering Salaat, especially between their Sajdah spot/Musalah area.

Reach the Haram atleast half an hour before every Salaat. Otherwise it will be very difficult to find a spot for offering Salaat.

There are separate areas for women to offer Salaat and it is recommended for women to offer Salaat in those areas. Women are not allowed to offer Salaat close to the Kaaba (sometimes not enforced), so they should find a spot in the designated area well before time. Just keep a meeting point / time after Salaat to find your partner.



On 8th Zilhaj, one day before Haj day right after Fajr prayer; bathe, do wadoo and wear your Ahraam and offer 2 raqaat nafal for your Niyaat for Haj. 

Now you will be taken to Minnah tents well before Zuhar prayer. Check exact schedules with your group manager.

You will offer Zuhar, Asr, Maghrib, Isha and next day’s Fajr prayer at Minnah. Take time to find out the exact location of your Maktab and the path you will take to reach back from Arafat and Muzdalifah.

After Fajr prayer you will leave for Arafat on the 9th Zilhaj (Haj day) by bus which will be arranged by your Maktab. You have to reach there before Zuhar. Make sure you are inside the Arafat boundary clearly marked by large yellow sign boards. You will be taken to the South Asia allocated area to your assigned Maktab’s tent. If you plan to go to Masjid-e-Nimrah (although its far and difficult to reach) for listening to the Haj Khutaba make sure you are inside the Arafat boundary since more than half of Masjid-e-Nimrah is outside the Arafat boundary.

Zuhar and Asr prayers will be offered together. However if you are at your tent you will not be able to listen to the Khutaba unless you can tune your mobile’s FM radio. You will offer Zuhar (qasr) and Asr (qasr) prayers separately in your tent.

Pray to Allah for your bukhshish as much as you can.

After Maghrib time you will leave (by Bus or by foot, which is quite far and difficult) for Muzdalifah WITHOUT offering Maghrib prayer.

Once you reach Muzdalifah parking lots, offer your Maghrib (qasr) and Isha (qasr) prayers together.

Pickup around 70 (7+21+21+21) Pea sized pebbles for stoning of Jamaraat and keep them in the cloth bag.

Spend the night at Muzdalifah under the open sky in your sleeping bag. Men have to make sure they don’t cover their face and feet.

After offering Fajr prayer on the 10th of Zilhaj (Eid day), leave immediately for Minnah tents. You will probably have to walk since the traffic gets jammed if you are a little bit late to move. Make sure you know how to reach your Maktab and the best path to take.

Go for stoning of the big Jamaraat preferably after Zuhar or even after Asr prayer to avoid large crowds. You can stone till late.

Now offer Qurbani which could be in the mode of token already purchased from Makkah or Medinah.

Men will have their heads shaved and women will cut some hair off.

Now you can take off your Ahraam.

It is recommended to go for Tawaaf-e-Ziyarah (Tawaaf and Sayee both) at odd time on the next day (11th Zilhaj) preferably, since you will be very tired.

You will stone all three Jamaraat on the next 2(11th and 12th Zilhaj) or 3(11th, 12th and 13th Zilhaj) days.

Leave Minnah before Maghrib on the 12th or 13th of Zilhaj.

Alhamdolillah your Haj is complete.

Now you only have to do Tawaf-e-Widah (Tawaaf only) before leaving Makkah. Expect traffic jams if you are staying away from Haram especially if you are staying at Aziziyah which is 5km from Haram and nearer to Minnah.



Pack up your bags on the day of your return. Only carry essentials, throw/give away any unwanted stuff/clothes that you don’t need.

You will be taken to the airport atleast 4 to 5 hours before your flight and your passport will be handed over to you.

Check-in your baggage. Have your Zam Zam water container sealed in a plastic bag provided at the airport. Zam Zam water container is checked-in separately.

Have a safe journey home.

Haj Mabroor.